CSoft’s WiseImage 11 for AutoCAD and for Windows Now Available

May 13, 2008

IDEAL now has the new releases of WiseImage software —  WiseImage 11 for AutoCAD and WiseImage 11 for Windows.  WiseImage is developed by CSoft and is intelligent raster software that lets you incorporate scanned drawings into CAD.     

WiseImage 11 for AutoCAD is the perfect complement to IDEAL’s scanning solutions.  With a Contex large format scanner from IDEAL, companies can scan their old paper drawings; and using WiseImage 11 for AutoCAD, they can incorporate the scanned raster data into the CAD environment, simply and easily.  This is done by adding native CAD-style raster editing and raster-to-vector conversion inside AutoCAD or AutoCAD-based verticals from Autodesk to facilitate revision creation and new drawing production. WiseImage 11 for AutoCAD includes all technology and research results from previous years and starts a new era with real integration of CAD and image processing. It supports the latest version of AutoCAD – AutoCAD 2009.

WiseImage 11 for AutoCAD offers a professional set of enhancement tools for converting those scanned drawings to CAD.  The tools can be applied to black/white as well as grayscale and color images. WiseImage allows users to edit, update, and convert (both semi-automatically and automatically) to vectors scanned maps, drawings, sketches, and other graphics. True ObjectARX technology, the ability to use AutoCAD dialogs and settings, and an advanced customizable interface, make WiseImage 11 from IDEAL a solution that is perfect for a wide range of applications – GIS, cadastral, aerial and satellite image processing, architecture, engineering, schematics and more. 

WiseImage 11 for Windows is the perfect combination of a 2D CAD package including an image processing application. It is ideal for editing drawings that have been scanned on an IDEAL/ Contex scanner because it blends raster and vector, productivity and precision, CAD functionality and image processing capabilities perfectly in one cost-effective application. It combines the power of a raster-vector (raster images overlaid with vector elements) editor and raster to vector converter with a complete set of powerful image processing tools. A native CAD-style interface with command line and layouts with viewports, combined with high-end image processing, results in a strong synergetic effect.

WiseImage 11 for Windows works with DWG files exactly as a CAD application and processes raster files as the best image processing application. This makes WiseImage 11 a one-stop-solution for a wide range of applications — GIS, cadastral, aerial and satellite image processing, architecture, engineering, schematics to mention but a few.

Whether you need to edit scanned drawings or integrate them into a CAD application, WiseImage 11 is a cost-effective and efficient way to work with your scanned raster images IDEAL scanning solutions and WiseImage Intelligent Raster technology are available through IDEAL’s extensive dealer network. 


If you have questions about WiseImage, you can reach me at idealblog@ideal.com.


IDEAL Solutions Feature High Performance with New Contex HD Scanners

April 30, 2008

With the introduction of Contex’s new HD line of scanners, IDEAL’s scan-to-print and scan-to-file solutions take a step forward in performance. The new line of scanners is now included in IDEAL’s ScanCENTRAL for world class scan-to-print image quality. IDEAL’s scan-to-file solutions benefit from faster scanning with the HD scanners’ new Extended Data Transfer Rate.

In addition, IDEAL’s solutions are enhanced further by the Contex HD scanners unmatched resolution, on-board image processing, true-to-life color and monochrome data capture, proven CCD technology, Accurate Lens Enhancement Technology (ALE) and precision color system. With instant-on, All Wheel Drive and one-touch functionality, these scanners are designed to meet the demands required by technical applications such as AEC, GIS and mapping as well as artistic applications such as graphics, fine art and photography, as well as all Reprographic applications.  


The new HD scanners include 25”, 36”, 42” and 54” models as well as an 18”x24” flatbed.  


Contact idealblog@ideal.com for more information.


Scanning System3 — Color Copier, Network Printer, Internet Collaboration

September 12, 2007

IDEAL’s versatile Scanning System3 lets you can turn your large format inkjet into a color copier; send scans to remote printers on the network and collaborate in a secure hosted environment.     To build your Scanning System3,  start with any 36” or 42” IDEAL / Contex scanner model and add IDEAL’s SFP353 adjustable scanner stand, which will “piggy-back” over top of your HP, Canon, Epson or other large format printer. 

Then, choose JETimageNET scan to print software as your scanner operating system.   JETimageNET scan to print software can be used as copy software to send directly to the local printer, and it can also send scans to remote printers on the network, as well as scanning to file for archiving purposes.  JETimageNET supports both color and black and white copying and scanning, with fast high-quality color-matched copies.

Add a subscription to MyArchiveCenter.com, IDEAL’s hosted archiving and collaboration solution and you’re ready to go.  MyArchiveCenter.com offers a low-cost way to archive and back-up files as well as a fast and easy way to share and collaborate on drawings in a Level 3 secure environment.  Server-side thin client ensures fast view of large scanned files on any internet browser. 

 A point of interest…All drawings uploaded to MyArchiveCenter.com are maintained in a secure Level 3 datacenter and managed by Global Archives, an IDEAL Strategic Business Partner. The center is designed as a disaster recovery center and sits on the Internet backbone. Data resides on secure socket layer servers providing 256 bit encryption and employs user authentication policies. Concurrent operations provide primary and secondary access with automated backup services. If you have any questions about IDEAL’s Scanning System3, or anything else IDEAL, you can reach me at idealblog@ideal.com 

Customer Support at IDEAL

August 29, 2007

Our company blog has been active for a couple of months now and I haven’t weighed in yet with my comments.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kevin Lilly and I’m the face behind the voice offering scanner support.  I take pride in supporting IDEAL / Contex scanners and always do my best to get you back up and running as quickly as possible when you have a problem. 

Many of your support questions can be answered in our knowledge base, so try there first.  If you can’t find what you need there, the fastest and easiest way to get personal response to your support question is via an email request..     It’s also helpful to know if your scanner is under warranty.  Warranty information can be found here.There is lots of other information available in the support section of our website.

On the personal side, when I’m not supporting Contex scanners, you can find me fishing or at the local hobby train store.  To talk about fishing or trains, email me at idealblog.ideal.com  To get your support questions answered, fill out our support form

Summer’s Over – Fall Tradeshows Begin

August 29, 2007

As we say goodbye to summer, IDEAL’s marketing department is gearing up for a busy fall tradeshow season.  Between now and November, we have six tradeshows scheduled.  Shows on tap include: GIS in the Rockies Conference, Central Reprographics Association Trade Show, Western Reprographics Association, ARMA, ERRA/SRA and Autodesk University.   If you’re in the neighborhood for any of the tradeshows above, drop by and see us.  We’ll have the latest in large format scanning and document management solutions.  You can see our booth numbers for each show here.    We regularly update our tradeshow list, so check out tradeshows on our website for updates.  If you can’t get to a tradeshow and want to learn more about IDEAL products or the industries we serve, join us for a webinar. Do you know of a tradeshow or conference we should consider attending?  Email me at idealblog@ideal.com.

Product Synergy

July 20, 2007

As the President of IDEAL, I want to jump in here and tie in both Phil’s post about WiseImage X8 and Diane’s post about 3D printing services with all of our other great products. .   One of the great things about being the President of a company like IDEAL is that I get to oversee all of our product offerings and watch how they all work together to give our customers what they need to do the jobs they need to do.  So, for instance, our IDEAL / Contex scanner line enables our customers to scan their paper drawings.  WiseImage allows people to bring their scanned drawings into their CAD systems.  My3Dservices.com helps them turn those 2D drawings into 3D CAD drawings, and/or into 3D physical models.  MyArchiveCenter.com gives our customers a secure, permanent place to archive their drawings.  IDEAL Online PlanRoom helps them manage their construction projects.  What great synergy!

New Software Download – WiseImage X8 for AutoCAD 2008

July 10, 2007

Exciting new trial software download available here at IDEAL – WiseImage X8 with full support for all versions of AutoCAD 2008.

WiseImage lets you incorporate scanned raster data into your CAD environment by adding native CAD-style raster editing and raster to vector (R2V) conversion inside AutoCAD. It’s the fastest and easiest way I know to revise old raster drawings and create new ones in CAD.  I particularly like the fact that I can work with black/white, grayscale and color images.  

Another feature I really like is the completely redesigned scanning module with full direct support of IDEAL / Contex large format scanners.  This is a big plus for us, as resellers of Contex scanners, but, more importantly, it’s a big plus for our customers who use the scanners we sell.  The scanning module makes it really easy for them to scan their drawing and bring it right into WiseImage for CAD-style editing without opening another program.  AutoCAD users find the intuitive CAD-style raster selection, snapping and editing a big plus. 

 Just what do I mean when I talk about CAD-style editing?  The Intelligent Object Selection technology in WiseImage allows the selection of raster data by using AutoCAD-style tools – by picking; inside rectangle or polygon; by crossing rectangle, polygon, polyline, etc. Raster objects (raster lines, arcs and circles) have properties (line type, line width, etc.) and precise geometry, which can be changed in the AutoCAD properties dialog. You can also modify the geometryof raster objects by their “grips”. Object snapping for raster objects is consistent with the AutoCAD snap (that only works with vectors). WiseImage’s tracing capabilities allow you to convert a raster symbol, line, arc, circle or outline to a vector object.  All you need to do is pick a point on the source raster object.  The tracing mode can be set to retain, delete or smooth the original raster object. WiseImage can also recognize raster hatches and trace arbitrary raster curves by AutoCAD polylines. When tracing polylines, the program can automatically define the most probable trace direction.  

There are lots more features in WiseImage X8 for AutoCAD, but the best way for you to see what it can do is to download a free trial version.

If you’re not working with AutoCAD, check out the WiseImage for Windows download or, if you’re working with GIS data, try WiseImage Geo.

You can also sign up for a WiseImage webinar presented by Michael McMillen, one of our IDEAL experts.

Let me know what you think about our WiseImage products.  You can contact me here.