IDEAL Expands into Second Location

April 30, 2008 has expanded into a second location in Rockville, Maryland. The Scanners & Systems division of IDEAL has moved into a newly decorated professional office located at 15737 Crabbs Branch Way in Rockville Maryland. The IDEAL Reprographics division remains at 11810 Parklawn Drive in Rockville and is expanding into the area recently vacated by Scanners & Systems.

We were nearly bursting our seams at the Parklawn location, and that limited our ability to grow.  With two distinct aspects to our business–scanner sales and reprographic services—we thought it made sense to acquire space that would accommodate the needs of each division and allow each division to grow independently.

Our new location gives us a  professional office and demonstration environment for our scanner and software sales, and the revamped original location gives us a true production environment for our reprographic services, so we can better serve our customers.

Now that the dust has settled, we’re loving our new location at Crabbs Branch Way.  We have a large conference room and demo area, sales area, marketing department, accounting and administration offices. At the Parklawn Drive location we’re expanding our online PlanRoom development and 3D printing and conversion services and upgrading in order to continue to provide state of the art scanning, printing and document management services.


Stop by and see us.


Product Synergy

July 20, 2007

As the President of IDEAL, I want to jump in here and tie in both Phil’s post about WiseImage X8 and Diane’s post about 3D printing services with all of our other great products. .   One of the great things about being the President of a company like IDEAL is that I get to oversee all of our product offerings and watch how they all work together to give our customers what they need to do the jobs they need to do.  So, for instance, our IDEAL / Contex scanner line enables our customers to scan their paper drawings.  WiseImage allows people to bring their scanned drawings into their CAD systems. helps them turn those 2D drawings into 3D CAD drawings, and/or into 3D physical models. gives our customers a secure, permanent place to archive their drawings.  IDEAL Online PlanRoom helps them manage their construction projects.  What great synergy!

Growing Trend Toward 3D Printing Services

July 20, 2007

On July 17, 2007 The Business Edition ( ran an article titled“Rapid Manufacturing Spearheading Growth of the World Rapid Prototyping Equipment Markets.” While this article specifically addressed using rapid prototyping in manufacturing, a quote from Frost & Sullivan’s Senior Research Analyst S.Vidyasankar, resonated with me because it applies equally to 3D printing in the architectural market and proves IDEAL’s concept of as a 3D printing and 2D to 3D conversion service provider to support the growth of 3D printing within the reprographics market in general. The quote I refer to follows (Italics mine):   “There is also an increasing interest and growing trend toward services within the rapid prototyping market,” notes Vidyasankar. “Even though many participants work closely with service bureaus, customers have forced rapid prototyping equipment manufacturers to provide services, thereby creating key opportunities for rapid prototyping vendors to develop their own service departments that meet customer requests for short-run rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping needs and thereby grow in business.” If I were to paraphrase Vidyasankar’s statement for the reprographics industry, I would say, “There is an increasing interest and growing trend toward the use of 3D CAD and BIM within the architectural and construction markets.  Architects and contractors have traditionally worked closely with reprographers for printing of 2D construction documents, thereby creating key opportunities for reprographers to meet architects and contractors new requests for 2D to 3D conversion and 3D printing, and thereby grow in business.“  I believe that offering 3D services via is a great way for IDEAL to help reprographic shops grow their business.  If you need help with 2D to 3D conversion, 3D file healing or 3D printing, I encourage you to check out  If you have any questions about IDEAL’s 3D services, contact me at or contact Phil Magenheim at