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Jay Magenheim

Jay Magenheim

Jay has been President of IDEAL for over 20 years. Jay’s vision has helped IDEAL evolve into the successful large format imaging solutions provider that it is today. Jay believes that staying ahead of the technology learning curve allows IDEAL to quickly respond to the needs of its customers. He encourages his employees to “think out of the box” in order to create solutions today that solve tomorrow’s problems.

You may contact Jay at idealblog@ideal.com

Phil Magenheim

Phil Magenheim
Vice President

Phil has been involved in the scanning and large document management business for seventeen years and has first hand experience in helping companies implement systems for managing large documents, as well as helping companies convert files from 2D to 3D. Phil has shared his expertise as a guest speaker at many industry events including the ERRA show, A/E/C SYSTEMS show, IRGA Conference and related User Conferences. Phil holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in business from the University of Maryland.

You may contact Phil at idealblog@ideal.com

Sean Eikenberry

Sean Eikenbery
Director of Software Development

Sean is the driving force behind IDEAL’s Online PlanRoom solutions and MyArchiveCenter.com large document archiving secure storage. Sean, in conjunction with other members of his software development team, works with IDEAL’s customer to develop software and asp solutions that enable them to capture the power of the internet for all of their large format document management, viewing and communications.

You may contact Sean at idealblog@ideal.com

Kevin Lilly

Kevin Lilly
Tech Support

Kevin is the “solver of all problems technical” when it comes to IDEAL / Contex large format scanners, and the “tips and tricks” expert when it comes to scanner wizardry. Kevin is still waiting for the scanner question that he can’t answer.

You may contact Kevin at idealblog@ideal.com

Diane Mitol

Diane Mitol
Director of Marketing

Diane “gets the word out” about IDEAL’s products and solutions both internally and externally. She and her team generate press releases, a monthly electronic newsletter and other email communications, as well as print advertisements and dealer communications. Diane creates IDEAL’s , monthly webinar series and is know internally as the “Queen of PowerPoint Presentations,” a title about which she is ambivalent, to say the least. Diane states emphatically that she reserves the right to correct obvious breaches of grammar and spelling in IDEAL employees blog entries. Diane has a B.S. in Business Administration.

You may contact Diane at idealblog@ideal.com

About IDEALIDEAL is Your Headquarters for Large Format Scanners, 3D Printers and Document Management Solutions.IDEAL provides wide format document management products and large format document conversion services to help you scan, manage archive, and 3D print your drawings.IDEAL is the largest US distributor of IDEAL / Contex large format scanners and 3D printers. Our products include IDEAL / Contex DESIGNmate 3D Printers, CSoft Software, IDEAL scanning service, 3D printing service and IDEAL-developed software for online planrooms, construction project management software and enterprise document archiving software.

Contact us today for the document management solutions dealer nearest you.Our mission is to provide the best possible value, leading edge technologies, quality and services to our customers at competitive prices while keeping customer satisfaction and loyalty our main objective. We derive our professional fulfillment by providing our clients with understandable software and hardware solutions, reliable large format scanners and cutting-edge 3D printers.

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