IDEAL Solutions Feature High Performance with New Contex HD Scanners

With the introduction of Contex’s new HD line of scanners, IDEAL’s scan-to-print and scan-to-file solutions take a step forward in performance. The new line of scanners is now included in IDEAL’s ScanCENTRAL for world class scan-to-print image quality. IDEAL’s scan-to-file solutions benefit from faster scanning with the HD scanners’ new Extended Data Transfer Rate.

In addition, IDEAL’s solutions are enhanced further by the Contex HD scanners unmatched resolution, on-board image processing, true-to-life color and monochrome data capture, proven CCD technology, Accurate Lens Enhancement Technology (ALE) and precision color system. With instant-on, All Wheel Drive and one-touch functionality, these scanners are designed to meet the demands required by technical applications such as AEC, GIS and mapping as well as artistic applications such as graphics, fine art and photography, as well as all Reprographic applications.  


The new HD scanners include 25”, 36”, 42” and 54” models as well as an 18”x24” flatbed.  


Contact for more information.



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