New Year’s Resolution — Manage Your Drawings

Does your company have CAD or paper construction or engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings or other large format-related documents?  Do you need to manage the bid process for construction projects?  Would you like to preserve your paper drawings, as well as store, manage and access all your drawings – CAD drawings as well as scanned raster drawings?    Can you envision a scenario where the ability to gain secure access to your digital drawings remotely, from anywhere, at anytime (either for convenience or in the event of an emergency) could be helpful?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then an online plan room may be the solution for you. 

 IDEAL offers two “flavors” of plan room technology: is a site designed for customers with active construction projects, who need to access drawings and manage bid projects, email lists, drawing revisions and more, while is a secure online repository, designed for online storage, access and distribution, without bid management tools. IDEAL’s is an application web site that lets you store, manage, share and distribute large format drawings, renderings and other project related images, drawings, and files. Users can create projects, upload documents and send invitations and notifications via email. Invited users can login and view the project information and documents using a web browser without any additional software or plug-ins. Users may also download documents and order prints, if permissions are given by the project owner. includes advanced features for managing all project-related activities including bid lists and responses, team members, discussions and more.  Schedule a no-obligation personal online demo of here. IDEAL’s is a secure large format document repository, designed to provide a safe, easy-to-use online storage facility for all your large format scanned documents, large format projects and legacy drawings. Access your drawings and projects anytime you need them by logging into your account through any Internet browser.  Schedule a no-obligation personal online demo of here   


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