Increased Demand for ECM – Don’t Forget Large Format

December 7, 2007

Today, as I was perusing the latest web entries about Enterprise Content Management (ECM) I came upon some interesting statistics that were quoted in an article by a ComputerWorld UK reporter (unfortunately, the reporter is nameless, so I can’t give him/her a plug.)  According to this nameless reporter, “Demand for enterprise content management systems will climb sharply over the next five years.”  The nameless reporter goes on to quote statistics from a company called Datamonitor:  “research among 800 CIOs and IT managers showed that on average four out of five companies are deploying some form of a content management system…(and) that the market as a whole will register compound annual growth rate of 13% in the next few years.”  

According to the article, Datamonitor also feels that these ECM systems are often “limited in scope, addressing only a particular information management challenge, such as records management or digital asset management.”


Unfortunately, one type of digital asset is frequently overlooked when organizations plan their ECM system…large format digital assets such as construction drawings and engineering schematics for an organization’s buildings and infrastructure.  A company’s digital assets are not limited to letter-size documents, but often included these kinds of large format assets as well.  Hosted products such as IDEAL’s and can fill the large format gaps left in many organizations’ ECM systems. and not only serve as a way to effectively store and manage large format digital assets, but also as an effective way to facilitate online communication and collaboration on the drawings.  Whether the need is to communicate and collaborate on an enterprise’s current construction projects, or whether the need is to communicate building layouts in an emergency situation, IDEAL’s online large format document management solutions work.

 People often ask me about security for their large format drawings.  Our hosted solutions reside in a secure Level 3 datacenter and are managed by Global Archives, an IDEAL Strategic Business Partner. The center is designed as a disaster recovery center and sits on the Internet backbone. Data resides on secure socket layer servers providing 256 bit encryption and employs user authentication policies. Concurrent operations provide primary and secondary access with automated backup services. 

One of the advantages of dealing with IDEAL for large format ECM is our ability to provide the scanning technology necessary to convert old paper drawings to digital.   Whether organizations want to purchase a scanner and do it themselves, or have our scanning services do it for them, we’ve got the total large format ECM solution.