Scanning System3 — Color Copier, Network Printer, Internet Collaboration

September 12, 2007

IDEAL’s versatile Scanning System3 lets you can turn your large format inkjet into a color copier; send scans to remote printers on the network and collaborate in a secure hosted environment.     To build your Scanning System3,  start with any 36” or 42” IDEAL / Contex scanner model and add IDEAL’s SFP353 adjustable scanner stand, which will “piggy-back” over top of your HP, Canon, Epson or other large format printer. 

Then, choose JETimageNET scan to print software as your scanner operating system.   JETimageNET scan to print software can be used as copy software to send directly to the local printer, and it can also send scans to remote printers on the network, as well as scanning to file for archiving purposes.  JETimageNET supports both color and black and white copying and scanning, with fast high-quality color-matched copies.

Add a subscription to, IDEAL’s hosted archiving and collaboration solution and you’re ready to go. offers a low-cost way to archive and back-up files as well as a fast and easy way to share and collaborate on drawings in a Level 3 secure environment.  Server-side thin client ensures fast view of large scanned files on any internet browser. 

 A point of interest…All drawings uploaded to are maintained in a secure Level 3 datacenter and managed by Global Archives, an IDEAL Strategic Business Partner. The center is designed as a disaster recovery center and sits on the Internet backbone. Data resides on secure socket layer servers providing 256 bit encryption and employs user authentication policies. Concurrent operations provide primary and secondary access with automated backup services. If you have any questions about IDEAL’s Scanning System3, or anything else IDEAL, you can reach me at 


New Adjustable Scanner Stand Enables “Single Foot Print” Scan to Print

September 4, 2007

IDEAL now has our own adjustable scanner stand.  The new SFP353 adjustable scanner stand enables an IDEAL / Contex large format scanner to “piggy-back” over a large format printer to turn the scanner and printer into a “single foot print” solution for scan-to-print and quick copy applications.  The SFP353 stand is compatible with HP, Canon, Epson and other large format printers, so you can use it with the printer of your choice, and it adjusts from 32” to 53” high so you can also use it as a traditional stand-alone scanner stand.

 The SFP353 is manufactured exclusively for IDEAL and is available through any of our dealers.  Or you may contact me for more information at