Growing Trend Toward 3D Printing Services

On July 17, 2007 The Business Edition ( ran an article titled“Rapid Manufacturing Spearheading Growth of the World Rapid Prototyping Equipment Markets.” While this article specifically addressed using rapid prototyping in manufacturing, a quote from Frost & Sullivan’s Senior Research Analyst S.Vidyasankar, resonated with me because it applies equally to 3D printing in the architectural market and proves IDEAL’s concept of as a 3D printing and 2D to 3D conversion service provider to support the growth of 3D printing within the reprographics market in general. The quote I refer to follows (Italics mine):   “There is also an increasing interest and growing trend toward services within the rapid prototyping market,” notes Vidyasankar. “Even though many participants work closely with service bureaus, customers have forced rapid prototyping equipment manufacturers to provide services, thereby creating key opportunities for rapid prototyping vendors to develop their own service departments that meet customer requests for short-run rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping needs and thereby grow in business.” If I were to paraphrase Vidyasankar’s statement for the reprographics industry, I would say, “There is an increasing interest and growing trend toward the use of 3D CAD and BIM within the architectural and construction markets.  Architects and contractors have traditionally worked closely with reprographers for printing of 2D construction documents, thereby creating key opportunities for reprographers to meet architects and contractors new requests for 2D to 3D conversion and 3D printing, and thereby grow in business.“  I believe that offering 3D services via is a great way for IDEAL to help reprographic shops grow their business.  If you need help with 2D to 3D conversion, 3D file healing or 3D printing, I encourage you to check out  If you have any questions about IDEAL’s 3D services, contact me at or contact Phil Magenheim at


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