New Software Download – WiseImage X8 for AutoCAD 2008

Exciting new trial software download available here at IDEAL – WiseImage X8 with full support for all versions of AutoCAD 2008.

WiseImage lets you incorporate scanned raster data into your CAD environment by adding native CAD-style raster editing and raster to vector (R2V) conversion inside AutoCAD. It’s the fastest and easiest way I know to revise old raster drawings and create new ones in CAD.  I particularly like the fact that I can work with black/white, grayscale and color images.  

Another feature I really like is the completely redesigned scanning module with full direct support of IDEAL / Contex large format scanners.  This is a big plus for us, as resellers of Contex scanners, but, more importantly, it’s a big plus for our customers who use the scanners we sell.  The scanning module makes it really easy for them to scan their drawing and bring it right into WiseImage for CAD-style editing without opening another program.  AutoCAD users find the intuitive CAD-style raster selection, snapping and editing a big plus. 

 Just what do I mean when I talk about CAD-style editing?  The Intelligent Object Selection technology in WiseImage allows the selection of raster data by using AutoCAD-style tools – by picking; inside rectangle or polygon; by crossing rectangle, polygon, polyline, etc. Raster objects (raster lines, arcs and circles) have properties (line type, line width, etc.) and precise geometry, which can be changed in the AutoCAD properties dialog. You can also modify the geometryof raster objects by their “grips”. Object snapping for raster objects is consistent with the AutoCAD snap (that only works with vectors). WiseImage’s tracing capabilities allow you to convert a raster symbol, line, arc, circle or outline to a vector object.  All you need to do is pick a point on the source raster object.  The tracing mode can be set to retain, delete or smooth the original raster object. WiseImage can also recognize raster hatches and trace arbitrary raster curves by AutoCAD polylines. When tracing polylines, the program can automatically define the most probable trace direction.  

There are lots more features in WiseImage X8 for AutoCAD, but the best way for you to see what it can do is to download a free trial version.

If you’re not working with AutoCAD, check out the WiseImage for Windows download or, if you’re working with GIS data, try WiseImage Geo.

You can also sign up for a WiseImage webinar presented by Michael McMillen, one of our IDEAL experts.

Let me know what you think about our WiseImage products.  You can contact me here.


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