Hello World!

Well, here we are!  The IDEAL.com blog is finally off the ground!   

We’ll be talking about anything and everything related to large format imaging.  Our discussions will run the gamut from scanning paper drawings and maps to printing 3D images of the same.  And we’ll talk about the options in between – editing, 2D to 3D conversion, sharing scanned drawings over the internet, as well as various products and services that we use, recommend and/or develop.   We’ll offer tips and tricks for large format imaging and,  from time to time, we’ll discuss the state of the industry and the directions in which we see large format heading.     

 IDEAL’s bloggers have over 60 years of combined experience in the large format imaging industry.  Jay Magenheim, IDEAL’s president is our visionary.  Phil Magenheim, Vice President, brings a “nuts & bolts” approach to the problems of large format, while Sean Eikenbery our Director of Software Development translates customers’ needs into working applications.  Kevin Lilly, Tech Support, supplies hardware expertise and Diane Mitol, Director of Marketing, helps package and promote IDEAl’s products and services, and is acting as the hostess of our blog.  Please feel free to read our bios on the “About” Page to find out more about us. 

We invite interested readers who also have blogs to link to our blog and we encourage our readers to email our web hostess with ideas for blog topics or suggestions about how to make our blog better. 

On behalf of IDEAL and our bloggers, and in my capacity as blog hostess, I invite you to stay tuned…



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